Hamilton Watches For Mens - Tool For The Modern Times
02.08.2017 15:42

Despite being Swiss-made, Hamilton watches are prototypically American and originated during the rise of the railroad industry in the US. They started out crafting pocket watches that were used to time the railroads; however, with the changing times and trends, they migrated towards wristwatches. Hamilton’s USP is still accuracy, the most important factor for railroad use.

Today, it’s the same accuracy that ties Hamilton to the aviation industry. The pilot’s watches became Hamilton’s another line of popular products since 1919. They qualifies as the tools for the modern times way back in the 1930s, when airlines like Trans World Airlines (TWA), Eastern United and Northwest made Hamilton their official timekeeper. During the World War II, Hamilton served the U.S. military, stopping selling their watches to the civilians.

The horological ethos of Hamilton is still purely American, every watch featuring a strong tie to the brand’s American heritage. From the military-inspired Khaki Field line to the Intramatic, Hamilton makes quality timepieces that are used for military and sports purposes, other than aviation. Housing ETA movements (their Swatch Group ownership is the reason) – some of which are used in more expensive Swiss watches - Hamilton watches are more of utilitarian timepieces rather than luxury.

Hamilton utilizes new styles within the boundaries of vintage designs, creating futuristic timepieces like the Ventura. To maintain their modern day tool status, Hamilton is taking more design risks these days, which is bringing a fresh air within their traditional approaches. This makes possible for the brand to present watches that suit every lifestyle the modern age offers. Their Hamilton range is fairly expansive; from the dressy Jazzmaster to the Khaki Field, Frogman and X-Wind, the truly contemporary, daring styling that makes a slew of great options to qualify as tools for the modern times. Blending equal parts of artistry, sophistication and high-end engineering, Hamilton’s distinct American heritage shines through wtches like the classic Pan Europ Automatic Sports, the Ventura: Elvis80 Automatic Date and the Broadway Automatic Chronograph. For more specific and targeted use, Hamilton brings the Khaki Field Automatic Chronographs, still retaining their First World War heritage but decked up with the requirements for the modern times.

Now, to the ultimate tool – the Hamilton Valiant Watch! This one is rooted firmly into the field of aviation; the real deal. As a tool, it showcases some well documented military and commercial use. The classic pilot style has now been given modern interpretations and can handle any calculation that relates to high speeds and high flying altitudes.

If you are one of those blisteringly active men who are prominent in their fields with preference for a tool on your wrist-stop that strictly means business, look no further than Mens Hamilton Watch.

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