Citizen Promaster Aqualand Scuba Diver Watch – For full-time wearing, even outta the water
23.02.2015 12:34


Citizen Promaster is a high-tech sports watches range that uses leading edge technology to bring in unique functions, enhanced by stylish designs. The Citizen Eco-Drive Promaster collection presents some of the most useful timepieces that incorporate - among other features a depth meter (125 m) and a chronograph (50 minutes) and thats not too common in dive watches. Citizen had to keep in mind that legibility and utility (strong lume and AR-coated crystal) stay unaffected and -only dive-computers need it wasnt their excuse. Citizen focused hard on actual dive utilities and that builds a solid base for the entire Promaster range. The beauty with it is it has everything you can ask for while underwater and all that you can use in a day to day life.


Many who had issues with wearing depth-meter function watches (its specific in its use) when not underwater swallowed well when it accompanied the ProMaster Aqualand watches. This is because the design keeps the cold-hard tool watch appearance many miles away by enhancing the style and technicality in the design of the frame; the Aqualand becomes a sport watch you can wear daily with a lot of fun, not a lot of fuss.


The reason Aqualand gets extra credits is its the first, professional diving watch in the world to come with the depth-display function. Its function is sensor-based; so not just under high pressures, it can also detect the minute changes in the surrounding water pressure and show them too! A rugged steel case houses the sensor, which again stays under a special cover on which the water presses. You are free to go down till 200m with the Aqualand Scuba Diving watches; no problem if you stay that way for even nearabout a year! The Eco-drive movement produces and stores enough charge to keep it ticking all the way long.


The components of the Promaster Aqualand Scuba Diver mixes well. Theres a slight shininess in the dial, which cuts out the stereotyped tool look. Its Citizens proficiency in introducing style to sports and this tool-like Aqualand illustrates that nicely.


But the Citizen Eco-Drive Chronograph Atomic is not a small watch though fits beautifully comparatively smaller wrists, which is not very common among modern, masculine pieces. Additionally, it includes a warning system for battery rundowns (battery level indicator), which shows how much light you need to feed it before you dive. There are three levels: LV.2 (go ahead by all means), LV.1 (keep within an hour and 20m) and NG (no go)”.


As a whole, this is a watch thats going to attract many tool-watch enthusiasts, both for its functions and looks. It can be your main device or a backup device (while using a dive computer) and if you want, an overkill on the ground.




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